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Investment Properties provide those who need to take a passive approach to their investing, high returns without many of the time consuming tasks involved. Unfortunately many of those who do choose to benefit and invest in Australia, only reach a small amount of their potential. Most prospective investors own only one or two properties which can quickly be the roadblock to achieving financial goals.

At Bolt & Hunter, we help you find promising properties that will help you realise the lifestyle you want through diversification opportunities, potential tax benefits and government incentives. The Australian government cannot house the ever growing population, therefore incentivises developers and investors to build our cities. Our aim is to match you with the best selection/incentive that suits your requirements.

Our team specialises in the research and locating lucrative property markets, as well as identifying attractive projects within those markets. We also connect you with top-tier vendors with local expertise and extensively researched proposals. We have access to over 20 different research-marketing companies which ensures we will get you the information you need to make the best decision.

Our clients also benefit from our well-established connections with Australia’s best private developers and their projects which are not available to the public. By putting us to work for you, you can rest assured that your investments will reflect the best advice and knowledge available.

Many of our services and fee's work similarly to a broker where you reap the benefits of our knowledge and systems which are charged to the developer.

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Wealth through property portfolios that yield capital and rental growth.

The property that yields good capital growth and the property that yields the best rental rates are often not the same property. So, whilst it is possible for these two investment strategies to go hand in hand, it is very rare. In most cases, you need to choose between one or the other. And we don’t expect you to know which is most in line with your future goals.

That is what we’re here for – to help you tailor a property acquisition strategy that is in line with your risk profile, objectives and budget.

At Bolt & Hunter we'll ensure you find promising properties that will help you create your future lifestyle.

We’ll do the research to find and build the right investment property for you

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