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At Bolt & Hunter, our focus is on you and your goals. We’re driven by your success. Our personalised, quality service has helped many Australians get into their dream home or build a high-performing property portfolio. We’re here to help you live life, on your terms.
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Wealth through property portfolios that yield capital and rental growth.

The property that yields good capital growth and the property that yields the best rental rates are often not the same property. So, whilst it is possible for these two investment strategies to go hand in hand, it is very rare. In most cases, you need to choose between one or the other. And we don’t expect you to know which is most in line with your future goals.

That is what we’re here for – to help you tailor a property acquisition strategy that is in line with your risk profile, objectives and budget.

At Bolt & Hunter we'll ensure you find promising properties that will help you create your future lifestyle.

Why invest in property?

Here are some of the key reasons why property is considered a worthwhile investment:

The six steps to delivering your future property portfolio

You talk, we listen. It’s important to us that we understand your needs, your goals and your vision for the future. We take the time to get to know you, formulating a clear buyer’s brief and property investment strategy to take your wealth creation to new heights.
We’ll do the research to find and build the right investment property for you. We identify the suburbs that best match your buyer’s brief, providing you with all the information you need including suburb profiles and recent sales statistics.
Our extensive industry network makes for efficient and effective sourcing and shortlisting of properties that tick all your boxes. The only thing we need you to do is decide when you’d like to inspect them.
As seasoned professionals, we believe in sharing our expertise and empowering our clients with knowledge. Once the ideal investment property is agreed upon, we complete a thorough appraisal, offering you invaluable market insight and confidence.
We use our polished negotiation skills and access to inside information to secure the best sale price and terms for you.
An often-overlooked stress of property investing is the coordination of inspections and paperwork required. We help ease this process by arranging the inspections and simplifying the exchanging of contracts.

People turn to bolt & hunter when they:

  • want to attain financial and emotional security through property

  • have goals, desires and a clear vision but no strategy 

  • want a shortlist of ideal properties… and fast!

  • want to avoid having their judgement clouded by emotions 

  • want insight into market trends, hot spots and sales information

  • want a seamless transaction 

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Key reasons why property should be apart of your investment strategy

Property with rental yielding returns of 7%
Instant equity property
Property with running costs that can be depreciated for tax purposes
Property to further leverage investment fund from

"Real estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk"

- Armstrong Williams

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Many of our services are free, we work similarly to a broker where you reap the benefits of our knowledge and systems which are charged to the developer.
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